Clean Government

Dark money has become a threat to our democracy. Anonymous big donors have the power to buy off elected officials without consequence. We can change this by voting for candidates who do not rely on dark money or gifts from corporate lobbyists and by passing real election finance reform.

Public Education

A strong public education system is the backbone of a strong democracy. We need to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to high quality public education. We cannot keep cutting funding to public schools and diverting money from public to unaccountable charter schools.

Local Government

Local government is most likely to affect the day to day lives of citizens. I support the power of local government to determine issues to the extent they do not adversely impact the legal or Constitutional rights of the people.

Fair Wages for Fair Work

Missouri’s workers deserve the right to earn a decent living and to be free of discrimination and unlawful retaliation. I support raising the statewide minimum wage and lifting the ban preventing cities and counties from raising their local minimum wages.

Protection for Workers Rights

I support laws that protect Missouri workers from discrimination on the grounds of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, disability, orientation and identity. I also support laws that protect workers from retaliation for opposing lawbreaking in the workplace.

Right to Work

I oppose the so-called “Right to Work” laws which have been repeatedly shown to reduce wages, working conditions, and protections for workers. I, along with Two-Thirds of Missouri voters rejected Right to Work this summer, and I will continue to do so. Republicans have promised that they will continue to oppose the will of the people and bring it back.

Health Care

We should treat access to health care as a right, not just a privilege. We should expand access to Medicaid and move towards a statewide single-payer health care system.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers should be trained in de-escalation and conflict resolution. Those who enforce the laws should also be held accountable to those laws.

Drug Addiction and Abuse

Drug addiction and abuse should be treated as the health crisis it is. Criminalizing and jailing those suffering from addiction wastes resources and endangers the public. Drug abuse should be treated, with the process aimed at rehabilitation and returning nonviolent drug offenders to society.

Capital Punishment

I oppose the death penalty in all cases.

Birth Control and Family Planning

We can reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies if we focus on improved access to education, birth control, and emergency contraception. Preventative measures have been routinely proven to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and by extension the number of abortions.

Nonpartisan Courts

The Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan is one of the best innovations we have made in keeping our courts free of corruption. Judges should be selected based not on their political views, but on their competence and their dedication to rule of law.

Gun Control

We can reduce the number of gun deaths through common-sense legislation, such as banning the sale of high-capacity magazines, requiring training in gun safety before permitting the sale of guns, closing the gun show loophole, and permitting local authorities to make their own decisions on gun possession within their jurisdictions.

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